Chain & Conveyor Lubricants

Lubeserv- Chains

High temperature conveyor chains suffer wear due to the inability of conventional oils to withstand high oven temperatures without forming damaging carbon deposits, or dripping. The LUBESERV Conveyor shield range eliminates these problems with the use of sophisticated synthetic lubricants with a wide variety of high load-bearing additives. LUBESERV also have specially formulated products for chains operating in all kinds of hostile environments, including outdoor exposure and extreme loads.

NO-CARB- A specially designed synthetic lubricant for conveyors operating up to 150°C. Excellent thermal stability and lubricity enables minimal quantities to be used reducing the risk of dripping and varnish deposits. Clear fluid, very clean to use, and available with MoS2 added.

CHAIN GUARD- A fortified synthetic fluid specifically designed for conveyor chains operation at temperatures up to 260°C. This special blend gives characteristics which impart excellent load carrying properties as well as excellent adhesion.

NO-CARB SUPER- A fortified biodegradable synthetic fluid ideal for conveyors operating up to 250°C. High flash point and good adhesion even in the presence of large amounts of water.

PA 1990G- High temperature synthetic chain lubricant containing graphite, which will provide a wet lubricating film up to 150°C and dry lubrication beyond 550°C. Ideally suited for hostile environments where the chain is subjected to direct or intense heat for long periods.

AQUAGRAF- A fine particle dispersion in water, especially suitable where a smooth dry lubricating film is required on a variety of substrates to provide either a parting agent or thermal conductivity properties.

GRA 30- A water based chain lubricant designed to be used as a durable dry film coating, which will operate in excess of 400°C. Suitable for use as supplied, or may be diluted with water if required. Formulated for application by means of hand held or fully automated spray equipment. Product is fume free and non-toxic.

BAKERY CHAINS- A synthetic lubricant fortified with graphite and Mo2 for chains and conveyors operating at temperatures up to 250°C when wet and 400°C when dry. Provides fluid lubrication and excellent adhesion to metal parts providing high load lubrication without dripping. Dry film lubrication is provided beyond that by the inclusion of high quality graphite powder. Even in the presence of large amounts of water and steam it still maintains a good lubricant film.

OVENSHIELD- A non-carbonising semi-fluid grease designed to operate at high temperatures particularly where access may be difficult. Ideally suited for economical application to rotary oven bearings of bakeries or any other bearings operating at slow speeds or under heavy loads.

CHAINLIFE S- Manufactured from a blend of synthetic fluids which contain no silicones or solid lubricants. It is non-carbonising in use and forms a lubricating film with excellent load carrying ability when subjected to extreme temperatures for prolonged periods. Evaporation at temperatures up to 230°C is extremely low. This means that conveyor systems and bearings subjected to such high temperatures for extended periods will be protected by a film of fluid and do not require continuous lubrication. The synthetic fluids have a very low order of toxicity, and offer reduced friction and optimum wear protection.

CHAINLIFE M3- The high concentration of Molybdenum Disulphide, ensures slow moving, heavily loaded conveyor bearings are effectively lubricated. The drip-resistant qualities make the material particularly suitable for use on overhead conveyor systems, including conveyor wheels, chains pins, pick mechanisms and linkages of bi-planar systems and trolley wheel suspended forged and pressed-link conveyors. Where any dripping could cause contamination of product or present a safety hazard.

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